Full Time Staff

Bryce and Christy Staveley

Bryce and Christy served for 15 years on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ NZ (1994 – 2009) and were the Directors of the Auckland University Campus Ministry for 9 years.
Bryce has been actively involved with the physical fitness and gym scene for over 27 years, and prior to joining Campus Crusade he actively participated in bodybuilding, power-lifting and Olympic weightlifting. He is also an affiliate member of the New Zealand Institute of Financial Planners and since 2002 he has directed and managed HTL Partnership, a private investment partnership that invests money for more than 30 Christian partners. Christy enjoys actively discipling women and using her ministry gifts of administration and encouragement.
Bryce and Christy have been married for over 20 years and have two children, Laura and Michael.

Jason & Sarah Goertzen

Jason served for 8 years on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ NZ (2001-2009) and Sarah served for 5 years with CCCNZ (2005 – 2009). They filled various roles within the organization, including Campus Directors at Massey Albany and Auckland University and Projects Coordinator for Student Life NZ. Jason is currently the Operations Manager for Fit 4 Life and Sarah helps Steven with the design and marketing for Fit 4 Life.
Sarah grew up in Singapore and has a degree in Advertising Creativity from Auckland University of Technology (AUT). She is currently pursuing certification as a Pilates instructor. Sarah is interested in design and enjoys running and ballet. Jason is originally from Canada and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Calgary, Alberta. He is also a certified fitness instructor. Jason and Sarah have been married since 2004 and have a baby son, Tobias.