What we do

What we do

The vision of HTL Ministries is to create ministries that engage in the work of spiritual multiplication in places where non-believers are present, or in places that non-believers would feel at ease coming to.

Fit 4 Life Fitness Centre

To capitalize on the need in New Zealand for whole-person fitness, HTL Ministries ran Fit 4 Life Fitness centre for 9 years from 2010 to 2019.

Fit 4 Life was a non-profit, fully stocked fitness centre run by our trained staff and volunteers.

Members were encouraged to attain healthy levels of physical fitness, and to use the additional professional ministry services we offered in financial planning, social and community education, and Christian discipling.

Fit 4 Life also offered life-skill seminars and outreaches to the wider community.

Gear Heads Workshop

Bicycles can be a tremendous tool for improving people’s freedom and health. For many who could benefit from cycling, it is out of reach due to costs and availability.

Gear Heads Workshop is a not-for-profit bike workshop that provides industry standard bicycle repairs as well as subsidised repair work, refurbished bicycles to those in need in our community and education on safety, maintenance and bike basics.

The workshop is located at 14 Piermark Drive in Rosedale on Auckland’s North Shore. We are a professional level workshop offering the majority of repairs you would find at any other quality bike workshop. The main point of difference is the intentional personal service and that the profits go to aid others in the community.

We offer subsidised repairs as well as refurbished donation bicycles based on a referral system. Through partnerships with community organisations we receive requests from those that are in need of either repairs or a bicycle and these will be paid fully or in part by donations and profits from the workshop.

When someone is referred to us, we meet with them to find out what will best meet their needs and share the options that are available to them (this can include repairing a bike they already own or finding a bike that will match what they would like to use it for). We also encourage anyone who is receiving subsidised work from us to attend a free class on how to maintain and use their bike.

Ultimately we want to build a relationship with people and help them to be excited about having a working bicycle and get out and use their bikes – for exercise, transport and fun. The more knowledge a person has about their bike, how it works and how to keep it in good condition the more likely they are to continue using and enjoying it. As a Christian missions focused charity we also want to build relationships with people so that we can share the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ with them.