What we do

What we do

The vision of HTL Ministries is to create ministries that engage in the work of spiritual multiplication in places where non-believers are present, or in places that non-believers would feel at ease coming to.

To capitalize on the need in New Zealand for whole-person fitness, HTL Ministries intends to start ‘Fit 4 Life’.

Fit 4 Life will be a non-profit, fully stocked fitness centre run by our trained staff and volunteers.

Members will be encouraged to attain healthy levels of physical fitness, and to use the additional professional ministry services we will offer in financial planning, social and community education, and Christian discipling.

Fit 4 Life will also offer life-skill seminars and outreaches to the wider community.

Registered members of Fit 4 Life have…

  • Access to the Fit 4 Life workout area
  • A supervised training program
  • Physical training assistance as needed
  • Affordable personal training if desired
  • Free financial planning service
  • Free attendance of seminars and educational classes
  • Access to Christian discipling
  • Exposure to Christian beliefs
  • Regular social events

New members attend a Membership Information session where the benefits of Fit 4 Life are fully explained.

For more information, see www.fit4lifefitness.co.nz